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5 years ago
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5 years ago
I just unboxed my Geeksphone and first thing I tried to do was take a
picture of something, only to be rewarded with

"No memory card found

Insert a memory card to take pictures"

Now, this device has roughly a gig of internal storage, so I don't really see any reason why the camera app can't use that to store photos on. If nothing else, this makes for a pretty bad out of box experience.

On #b2g, gerard-majax writes: 

gerard-majax: DeviceStorage API does not give access to device memory
[2:26pm] gerard-majax: it only gives access to the sdcard
[2:26pm] ekr: OK, but again, why?
[2:26pm] gerard-majax: for security

This doesn't seem like a very convincing reason, especially when we
are talking about an app that ships with the phone.

By comparison, my Samsung Galaxy SII takes photos fine with no memory
card and of course an iPhone doesn't even have an SD slot.
1.0.1 only supports a single storage area, and the physical sdcard is it. This was a product decision made very early on.

1.1 supports multiple storage areas, so it would be possible to support both an internal and external storage area.
I am able to take pictures on my Helix device with no memory card. So assuming this is no longer an issue.
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