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Odinmonkey, IM: Poor handling of sequence of ifs equivalent to a switch statement




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5 years ago
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5 years ago
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Test program

A sequence of ifs testing a single variable for a set of values, semantically equivalent to a "switch", is not optimized.  For the test program the performance is 20x slower than v8 which seems to optimize this case:

% /usr/bin/time js switch-opt1.js
start = 0
end sum=200000000
       61.19 real        61.16 user         0.00 sys

% /usr/bin/time d8 switch-opt1.js
start = 0
end sum=200000000
        3.33 real         3.31 user         0.00 sys

This was discovered while experimenting with emscripten which (sometimes?) translates the C switch statement into a sequence of ifs.  While that issue may be resolved by improving emscripten, it is a style of code that might arise in some other settings (automatically generated code, naive programmers, macros?) so it is worthwhile detecting this pattern and handling it as efficiently as a switch statement.
I guess we might want to optimize this in IM, too, but Odinmonky is probably more pressing.
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Summary: Poor handling of sequence of ifs equivalent to a switch statement → Odinmonkey, IM: Poor handling of sequence of ifs equivalent to a switch statement
I suggested a while back to add a way to balance comparisons in some-kind of decision diagram, such as when we have a switch made out of string-cases, we can reduce the number of comparison to a log of it.  The optimization I was thinking of would be independent of the bytecode representation, for all sequences of condition which are side-effect-free.


4 years ago
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