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manifestdestiny needs a writemanifest option


(Testing :: Mozbase, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)



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After we read manifests and filter them, it would be a much needed feature to have the ability to write the resulting annotated manifest out.  Sometimes we have to adjust paths of the tests in the manifest, this should be optional as well.  Also we should allow this to be written out to a specific location.

Currently I am doing this in a patch for mochitest manifests.
there is a need to output the json manifest data structure to either .ini or .json.
write() does .ini; is this adequate Joel?
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A missing piece of the puzzle:

    8.61 +      # Bug 883865 - add this functionality into manifestDestiny
    8.62 +      with open('tests.json', 'w') as manifestFile:
    8.63 +        manifestFile.write(json.dumps({'tests': paths}))
    8.64 +      options.manifestFile = 'tests.json'

It'd probably be nice to split out the de/serialization from ManifestParser class itself.
I think the JSON serialization was the main point of this bug, since that's what Joel's Mochitest patch is doing.
what ted said, if we can somehow output .json, it would solve my original request.
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