Can't access myMakes in thimble



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mymakes error thimble

May be due to DNS propigation or what not, but I'm not able to access myMakes in thimble. See screenshot

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6 years ago
This is making it impossible to republish thimble makes, which is point people to the wrong server
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6 years ago
this looks like a first time login issue. if I log for the first time, 'my makes' won't work because doesn't have a persona session cookie set yet, and the 'my makes' data comes from If I go to webmaker, which auto logs me in, and then reload thimble and hit 'my makes', it works.

Can we do an iframe-load for the base site so that the gets set on a firs time login?
Not sure if this helps, but I'm not seeing my makes, and I've logged in and out multiple times. I just tried to publish a make I'd already tried to publish and got an error:

but I don't see this in mymakes.
Jon, this has to do with "www" appearing for, which is throwing off our audience params.
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6 years ago
Alright, I need a forced redirect from to .

:jp I did this by creating a new instance, putting the following ngxinx config on it:

server {
    listen 80;
    rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent;

Then spinning up a new ELB (www-webmakerorg-production) with our san webmaker cert on it. Quick hacks ftw!
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6 years ago has a mess that needs a cleanup.


6 years ago
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