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5 years ago
I no-oped the crash report last week, we should add it back.
So we know we want to do this, but this ticket needs some sort of discussion/plan on what that is.
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Personally, I think we should write a bower package for our Popcorn Maker crash reporter, remove the UI totally, and use it across all our apps so we get browser crash info for every failure.  Where this goes, I'm not sure.  We could easily make a new node.js app that accepts the reports.
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5 years ago
I think we should just use a hosted service that collects data and aggregates it for us. Let's not write code, especially if someone else has done a way better job.
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5 years ago
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Food for thought!
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5 years ago
If we don't want to go this route, due to concerns about privacy, we'll need to run our own instance of .
I'm going to say don't disable the UI in the interim because I just landed a patch to make sure we backup user data on crashes. Granted this means they could have garbage data backed up now but there will be cases where it won't necessarily cause a crash again immediately. Either that or just configure the the crash reporter to only hide the UI rather than not function completely if turned off.
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It breaks my heart, but r+
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5 years ago
Commit pushed to master at
Revert "Bug 884520 - Disable crash reporter UI"

This reverts commit b3d9d30c9dab031ce1ea9469ea560bb47824624a.

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4 years ago
Newrelic is now capturing our errors for us. Hooray!

I think we can have a patch to detect "We've gone into an error state. Reload the page, and we'll restore your project from back-up"
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