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* This is a great success story we should celebrate
* Pull from email thread to create quick blog post, similar to Pune post
* Assets: 
* run by Lawrence, mentor training in Kampala:


Those of us in Athens for the Training Days may spot a few signature techniques:

* open circle
* hack the robot dance
* small group discussion
* lots of making, post-its and smiles!

Lawrence also ran this training in preparation for the school tour in Uganda

* Some of the organizers were trained at the Athens mentor training sessions

* Lawrence says:

I'm all smiles. It was a really great and fun event. You should know, Greece trained us a lot to be great mentors.

* he's writing up his own blog post on it. hopes to publish today.

"The event was mostly in preparation for the GenOpen school tour and indeed we got some awesome mentors to come along with us. We're starting tomorrow with a Primary school, I'm excited."

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5 years ago
* @ Erika D: when do you think we should aim to ship this one?

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5 years ago
Friday? Do you want me to write it?

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5 years ago
sounds great!

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5 years ago

Begin forwarded message:

Hello Michelle,

Hope you are well. Below are the links to the blog posts and the etherpad:

We wrote this one:

The venue we used Hive Colab, they wrote this one:

The etherpads:
Official Event pad with some names and some links to some of their remixes

This is the one Jb set up to teach members about etherpad (a lil' bit crazy stuff there but you can check it out)

*PS: People really loved Xray Goggles and Etherpad (it's a mad chat tool here , lol)

I'm planning for this tour so I find myself giving you answers in bits whenever I get a mo, I'm so sorry about that. Hope to hear from you soon.

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5 years ago
Here's the first draft. Waiting for permission to use photos and a longer quote from Lawrence.
Webmaking Party in Kampala, Uganda

In Kampala, Uganda,  Mozillian Lawrence Kisuuki [https://reps.mozilla.org/u/lawrencekisuuki/] organized the first ever Webmaker mentor training at the Hive Colab  [http://hivecolab.org/] as part of the global Maker Party [https://webmaker.org/party].

The event kicked off with a "hack dance," an ingenious way to illustrate that whether you're writing code or shaking it on the dance floor, hacking is all about using your skills and passion to iterate on other people's creations.

The group then brainstormed how to harness the power of the internet, coming up with ideas like building a program to locate taxis and designing a way for children to participate in school activities while at home.

[photo - waiting for permission]

After remixing webpages with Thimble [webmaker.org/tools] , participants spent some time learning how to throw successful webmaking events. Multi-lingual participants were encouraged to help engage people in rural areas not fluent in English.

"I'm all smiles. It was a really great and fun event."
[I asked Lawrence to provide a longer quote]

Read Lawrence's blog [http://www.newslibre.com/news/webmaker-mentor-training-kampala/] and check out what other great Maker Party events  [https://webmaker.org/events] are happening around the globe.

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5 years ago
* This is great Erika D
* For blog posts like this, I'd reccomend just pasting in a link to the etherpad draft into the ticket. For easier editing and cleaner bugs.

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5 years ago
Sorry - writing in TextEdit to avoid etherpad--wordpress aggravation.

Here's a pad for edits/suggestions: https://mofocomms.etherpad.mozilla.org/kampala-makerparty-blog

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5 years ago
@ ErikaD: this looks good. Made one small note on the pad: let's try to end all posts with a "How to Get Involved" section. Breaking into a clear bulletted list, including links to any of the resources, guides, etc mentioned in the post above. 
* Are you good to go ahead and publish to Webmaker blog, and then have Rebeccah promote on channels?

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5 years ago
Sure. I will make these changes and post this blog today. Thanks, Matt!


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