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What feature should be changed? Please provide the URL of the feature if possible.
Currently, the highlighting of the search terms in the results page on MDN is very vivid. It's not just a pretty bright yellow, but is also underlined for good measure. This makes it very distracting and makes it hard to read the text to see which article you really want. Let's take off the underline and make the yellow a bit closer to the background color of the page.

What problems would this solve?
This will make reading the results much easier. Right now, the eye is drawn to all these highlighted terms, and it's very distracting.

Who would use this?
I think many people will appreciate it.

What would users see?
Just a less vivid highlighting of the search terms.

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
No difference in behavior.

Is there anything else we should know?

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6 years ago
A mockup of what the results could look like. Here, the search term is still highlighted, but it's not nearly as distracting. I think the color I'm using here is rgb(255,252,196) or so.

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6 years ago
And actually, I wouldn't mind going to around rgb(255,255,212) but I suspect that people with eyes not as sharp as mine would start having trouble discerning the search highlighting from the background by then.
I agree. Personally, I like the way search terms are highlighted right now, with bold text. This is a bit easier on the eyes, and keeps with convention -- Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go all highlight matches with bold text.

Adding this to the list of Elastic Search blockers. Not because we necessarily need to change this before launch, but because we should at least decide before launch.
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fix bug 879090, 884876 - Create keyboard controls for search


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