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Developer Engagement Sponsorship Reusable Assets: Banners


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This bug is to track the reusable banner designs for Robyn/Dev Engagement

Details are in this Google doc:

Mozilla Banner 
Firefox Banner
Firefox OS Banner
Firefox OS Partner Banner
After an events meeting today, turns out we will need the Firefox OS banner as soon as possible for an event in Brazil July 10. They will print banners locally, so we just need to get artwork to them sooner rather than later.
Hey Robyn - sounds good. I'll get this assigned and started ASAP. Do you have a hard deadline at all or just ASAP?
Hey Lizz - Awesome. There's no hard deadline, just the sooner the better since I was told local vendors take some time to crank it out. Is Monday doable for just the Firefox OS banner?
Assigning this over to Matt. 

Firefox banner option to update:
Assignee: tshahian → mternoway
Hi everyone, I have attached an example for the FFOS banner layout, which makes use of the 'Blaze Your Own Path' headline for the blueprint look.  Will there be a need to use the 'Be The Future' headline as well at these dimensions? Let me know if you think this will work. 

This looks great Matt! If there's the option to have the "Be the Future" version too, I know it'll be used. If it won't take much time then sure thing, please create the second version.

Thanks Robyn, I have attached the 'Be The Future' version as well.
Thanks Matt - these look great.

Robyn, do we need two banners for any reason? If not, I would recommend just going with Be the Future, since that's a more developer-facing line.
Sorry for the delay - no having both aren't required, it was simply an "it would be nice to have" thing. We can stick to the "Blaze" version! 

Matt, can you provide a print-ready version of the "Blaze" design please?
Hi Robyn,

Here is a link to the 'Blaze Your Own Path" banner (33.25 x 81.5in). I do have a print ready 'Be The Future' as well in case that is needed.

Print ready PDF:

Illustrator file:

Beautiful. Thank you!
Attached image Firefox_33.25x81.5
Hi everyone, I have posted a few banner concepts for the remaining 3.  Please let me know what you think of these.

Thanks, Matt!

Robyn + John, do these look good? Also, what sort of files are most helpful to have for getting printed when needed?
Hey Matt. Have we done these banners before or is this a first? Feels like parts are new and parts aren't, but I'd love to hear the backstory. 

My thoughts:

- Mozilla one: visually looks good, but if time permits we should hold off printing until we have a better phrase to use. We're near the end of a brand strategy process that ought to use a more up to date and relevant line.

- Firefox OS: not loving this one as much. Can we use the template established earlier where the partner info is at the bottom (in a white space)? The phone screen & banner background are kind of indistinguishable from each other. Not sure we really need two logos. Also, if this is for developer audiences shouldn't we be using the blueprint style + Blaze Your Own Path? Still trying to wrap my head around this...

- Firefox: looks good, but the URL we use is

Hi John,

I have worked on a few large scale banners in the past, specifically the general Mozilla one, which I based the latest one off of.  Most have been for one off style events, but I have not created any of the 'official' brand banners. 

Mozilla one - change is an easy one to do...I will wait to hear back on a final headline.

Firefox OS Partner - I can change over to an existing template...I was a bit unsure with this one, I think it would definitely benefit from working off an existing look for consistency. Would you be able to point me to an existing FxOS banner I can work from? One thing to note is, one of the mandatory elements for this banner is to have the phone and fox there one for the blueprint look? 

Firefox - I can make that change.

Thanks for your feedback, I can make a few of these changes immediately. These remaining banners don't seem to have a hard due date.  Is there any date that I should be aiming for? Also, there are 'print' versions of these at 27x40" dimensions, which would mirror the look of these larger 33.24x81.5" banners. I figure I would hold off on those until we finalize these.

Hi All,

Mozilla one - Nice! I like this a lot! Looking forward to the final copy.

Firefox OS Partner - John this one wouldn't be for a developer audience, this is for a marketing/partner/BD audience, so we'd need this one with the full color fox, not the developer style. And +1 to the differentiated backgrounds not having the double FxOS logo. If we have the logo in the phone, maybe we could say something like "in partnership with:" or something?

Firefox one - great. Clean, simple, useful for a variety of events. Nice job.

About the 27" x 40" prints - these are being tracked in this bug:
Also, yes, it would be great if the artwork for those four prints mirrored the banners created here.

We have a significant marketing conference Sept 3-5, and we'd love to have 2 printed banners delivered to the vendor warehouse BY Aug 28. So, for the Firefox OS Partner banner, that would have the most immediate deadline of about 2-3 weeks prior to August 28 would be sufficient to take printing and shipping into account.

One other thing - the Firefox OS partner banner, we should probably also have a version that does NOT have the partner logo. A regular Firefox OS banner, like the Firefox banner, would be in high demand, and I noticed there isn't a line item for a marketing-style (full color fox) FxOS banner itself, only the partner logo version.
Hey Matt - do you have a print ready version of the Be The Future banner?
Hi Matt - just bumping this to the top of your inbox. Do you have the Illustrator file for the Be the Future banner?
Hi Robyn, here is a link to the Illustrator file for 'Be The Future' banner.
Thank you!!
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