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Steps to reproduce:

Based on script results available at and Adrian Gaudebert's feedback at mailing list, we need to create new tests for the currently untested modules:

In lib:
['socorro/socorro/lib/', 'socorro/socorro/lib/', 'socorro/socorro/lib/', 'socorro/socorro/lib/']
In monitor:
['socorro/socorro/monitor/', 'socorro/socorro/monitor/']
In cron:
In collector:
['socorro/socorro/collector/', 'socorro/socorro/collector/']
As requested, advice on what to start with:

1. Eliminate what's deprecated.
2. Eliminate what's already covered by dint of testing other things.
3. Then start with what's left.

Nose has a --with-coverage flag that can show you what's uncovered.
everything in this list is slated for deprecation with the following exceptions:


no effort to write tests should be taken on files to be deprecated.

the file .../socorro/lib/ is a special case in that it appears to have been copied from an external source and is not ours - our license header should not be on that file.

Comment 3

5 years ago
So, considering these comments, should just /socorro/collector/ and /socorro/cron/jobs/ be tested?

Comment 4

5 years ago
I am sorry for copying this here, but it is really useful for finding the deprecated files!

An email from Adrian Gaudebert:

" To the extent of my knowledge:

socorro/socorro/lib/ -- no need to test it, it's dead simple and should be made obsolete in the near future
socorro/socorro/app/ -- just an example, no test needed
socorro/socorro/external/fs/ -- I think we can use the exact same test as for socorro/socorro/external/filesystem/ (after all, those two files should behave exactly the same)

There is no need to test any of the files listed for socorro/socorro/middleware/, those are depreciated and will disappear when we switch to the new configman-based middleware. "
I think the comments in this bug suggest this is all set now. If that's not the case, please reopen.
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