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Deleting or Detaching while offline does not work


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Deleting or Detaching doesn't work while offline 

Select message with Attachment
Click down-arrow next to Save - notice Detach & Delete
Go Offline
Click down-arrow next to Save -  notice they are disabled. 

I'm unsure why this is the case - TB knows enough about working offline to store up most other tasks - such as moving to Archives or other folders, or deleting, so why can't it remember when an Attachment needs removing from a message ? 

Why is this important - because if you work offline a lot it makes it hard to manage your email when offline.
I see those disabled for non-synchronized IMAP accounts. That would make a difference as deleting or detaching an attachment would imply changes to the messages body, which isn't available unless the folder is synchronized.
Component: Folder and Message Lists → Message Reader UI
The accounts are IMAP and marked synchronised in the Account Settings, but I see what you mean as there could be various changes to the body, that couldn't be done when not connected.
Summary: Deleting or Detaching while offline → Deleting or Detaching while offline does not work
related to bug 567716?
I don't understand bug #567716, I think its unlikely to be connected, as this is a case where the UI specifically disables detaching/deleting when offline.
Duplicate of this bug: 1309539
See Also: → 678947
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