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5 years ago
It would be helpful to know where media from the old now lives. For example, I need:

Do these things still exist in S3, and if so, where?

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5 years ago
We have people in the mentor community making new things and referencing old projects for their learners. So far today I've seen Learn HTML fast and speak your mind.

Are these projects coming back, who's transferring them?

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5 years ago
(In reply to laura from comment #1)
Sigh. Need access to S3 folders other than stuff. so I can find things and use them. In particular I'd like to look in the project assets folder as the "learning-projects" dropbox from last year is incomplete. Currently looking for 15 favorite things....

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5 years ago
feel like i have to make a couple, but would like to know proposed plans/if no plans exist.

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5 years ago
For old static assets from I'd recommend copying them from and putting them into the stuff S3 bucket.

I don't think anyone is responsible for migrating all the old projects to the new

I think some learning-projects might already be accessible on the new; check the repo to be sure:

If that answers all your questions, RESOLVED FIXED away!
Laura, we don't have plans to move the old webmaker projects

Many of these projects referenced Thimble projects, which are still alive.

If they reference media that no longer exists in webmaker, this is a problem - those assets will need to be moved and the projects republihed.  This was definitely a bad practice we were in the habit of :/

This project weird to me - seems to be including an iframe of an entire thimble page, w/ make details?

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5 years ago
We'll have to figure out what happens to all the content from last year. Some of it needs editing, sure, but it is ridiculous to throw it all away. We should choose which we republish, which need editing and which gets the ax. 

But I don't know who's radar it should be on (can discuss tomorrow). I was just trying to fix the things that people in the Mentor Community are linking to. looked weird, I logged in to fix, didn't do anything, hit published and now it looks fine. Shrug.

Thanks for the link to github. I'm not entirely sure of the way forward on this...Seems silly to reupload everything, so I'll just upload things as I need them.

Marking resolved for now.


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