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To many messages opened on startup



Message Reader UI
4 years ago
4 years ago


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4 years ago
Bad habit:I don't close my messages. I make a mess of it. That gives a very long list after a few sessions that are opened on startup. When I open a message I need to do quite some scrolling to the right to find the corresponding tab header.
After some time I start closing all of them, without even looking what is in it and why I didn't close it immediately. (A minority I do leave open because I planned to react in some way on the message. I think that way I won't forget. What is nonsense, no way to find something back in that list.)
One of those enhancements could help me:
- opening new messages on the left, but after the tab with the mailboxes
- a way to close them all at once. 
- on restart, only reopening messages specially marked to be reopened
- it would help if a message would open only once. If I try to open it again I would just get the tab wherein the message is already opened
- let me set a max time to no longer reopen messages at startup. Or to no longer reopen messages if the tab was not selected for some time
- Ordering messages by session in which they were opened. A way to close those that were opened in an older session together. 
- linking this to a follow up ā€ˇchoice. Regrouping them by tag and a follow up choice. Closing and reopening them in those groups. Don't know if this is enough to get me organised. :-)

Sorry if something is already possible and I didn't find it in the settings or it is now possible in a more recent version.

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4 years ago
You can probably use Tags for that. Then in the quick filter bar (view -> toolbars) click Tags and the tag you want (e.g. Later).
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