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* Agenda is here:
* Kaitlin Thaney is going to do a 2-minute lighting presentation on the new Mozilla Science Lab
* Kaitlin: JLin can help you with AV issues. Please connect via Vidyo and dial in 10 or 15 mins before the call starts to do an AV check.
* Kaitlin: I don't believe you're planning to share your screen or present slides, but please let us know if that's wrong.

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5 years ago
* @ Michelle: any chance you could present a quick Maker Party round-up in this call as well, based on the great email you sent around?

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5 years ago
No slides on this end - just planning a quick intro / overview. :) 

I have dial-in info - if someone could send the Vidyo details (is it airmozilla?) that'd be great. 


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5 years ago
(And Jlin - I'll look for you around 1:50. I'm in a Software Carpentry bootcamp right now, so apologies for any lag in response. Not sure if IRC/chat clients are blocked on the network, either. Still trying ... )

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5 years ago
Hey, if we could postpone the Maker Party bit to next week, that'd be preferred. We'd have more time to prepare photos, stories, etc.

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5 years ago
@ Michelle: ok. I think we should do something today as well. I'm happy to do a quick update today, and then maybe have you do a more produced package next week?
* Michelle, do you think we could get some community members or Moz Reps to do this? 
* Having a Moz Rep tell the story in their own words -- especially using Webmaker as a springboard into stuff like Firefox OS -- would be effective for this group

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5 years ago
@Matt: Definitely. Michael Koehler and/or Henrik Mitsch would be great to tell the Webmaker + FFOS story. I'd also recommend Ankit to summarize what's been going on in India.

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5 years ago
Kaitlin I just sent you some details over email. let me know if you have troubles at 1:30 eastern for the test.

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5 years ago
* Kaitlin is having trouble because Vidyo is blocked from the location she's at today.
* @ Kaitlin: let's punt this to next week. 
* Jonathan and I will be offline because Monday is a holiday in Canada. So can you work out all requirements with JLin before then? So that you're all set to participate on the day?

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5 years ago
Arg. Apologies, gang. 

@Matt I'll catch up with JLin this week to make sure we're allllll set. :) 

@JLin, talk to you later this week!

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5 years ago
@ Kat: are you on deck for trying this again July 1?
@ Michelle: can you do a Maker Party lightning presentation on July 1 as well? Two mins with photos that showcase all the great events that have happened so far?
Summary: Present in June 24 Mozilla All Hands meeting → Present in July 1 Mozilla All Hands meeting

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5 years ago
* Note: I will be on holiday Monday. As will JLin, I believe.
* JLin: is there someone else who can help with AV support?

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5 years ago
@ Matt - Set for July 1. 

@ JLin - will follow up separately to find a time tomorrow or Friday to test AV.

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5 years ago
@ Ankit and Michael: see Michelle's comment 6 above
* would either of you be willing to do a 2-minute lightning presentation in Monday's Mozilla All Hands meeting?
* the focus would be: how you are using Maker Party as Moz Reps. Perhaps sharing your screen to share event photos, kits you made, etc.
* the goal would be to show other Moz Reps and Mozillians how they can use Maker Party to draw people into Mozilla's mission and work

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5 years ago
Ankit has kindly agreed to speak in today's call. 

We added him to the agenda:

@Matt: could you send him the participant Vidyo link? We weren't able to find it. Else, he'll dial in with just audio. 

Thanks, all!
Hi Michelle and Matt,

I apologise for not being able to speak at the weekly updates call. I was present at the call but unfortunately due to some technical difficulties my audio wasn't working.
I am extremely sorry for this. :(


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5 years ago
@ Ankit: no problem! can we try again for July 8?
Summary: Present in July 1 Mozilla All Hands meeting → Present in July 8 Mozilla All Hands meeting
@Matt : Yes we can surely try on July 8. :) Will this update be similar to updates on earlier weekly calls. 

( p.s Can you please give me some details what is needed to be covered here.) 


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5 years ago
@ Ankit: this is a little different, because it's the big Mozilla All Hands call. Not a weekly Webmaker call.
* Main difference: presentations in these calls are *much* shorter and more tightly crafted. They're generally 90 seconds to 2 minutes maximum.
* What we would love: for you to talk about the connection between Moz Reps and Maker Party. Tell a story and show some photos of how Moz Reps are using Maker Party and Mozilla Webmaker to help with your engagement and community-building work.
* Our goal: get other Moz Reps and Mozillians active in hosting Maker Party events. And seeing Webmaker as a tool that can help their own work.

* Does that make sense?

* @ Michelle: any further guidance you'd provide here?

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5 years ago
+1 and maybe even emphasizing how all Mozillians, not just Reps, could get involved.
Yes I get it, I will prepare a write up and share it with you guys. You can put in your thoughts as well. I will also collect some pictures from maker parties to be displayed during the webamaker update.

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5 years ago
@ Ankit's notes are here:

* Looks fantastic! 

@ Ankit: are you clear on how to access the meeting via Vidyo?

@ JLin: are you able to help with AV? Not sure if you're back at work today.
Yes I'm here today - Ankit - what's the best way to get in contact? I can talk you through the process and do a connection test at 1:30 pm eastern time. Which time zone are you in?
Hi Jonathan, I am in IST (Indian Standard Time). When shall we have this test?

@ Matt, Michelle had given me a link with a password for the last meeting, does that work for this meeting too?
this is done! thanks Ankit!
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