Notify developers that app summaries are being removed

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6 years ago
We need to prepare and send a message to developers notifying them that app summaries are being removed (descriptions will remain). Something like:

> We want to let you know that we're making changes to the Firefox Marketplace.
> The "summary" field for apps is going to be removed. For many apps, this does
> not require any action on your part, and summaries will be merged into the
> description field automatically. However for some apps--especially those with
> partial or incomplete translations--this merge process may result in
> undesired changes. For technical details on the merge, please see
> This change will take place in the coming week.
> We encourage you to review the new descriptions for your apps in all locales
> to ensure that they are complete and accurate once the change has occurred.

We should send this message shortly before the changes in bug 862603 land in production.


6 years ago
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This requires a few lines to

Wil, can you get a poor soul to write this today before our push tomorrow?
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David - is this something you want to email people about?  If so, would you write the message?
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I like Basta's message.
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cvan: can you do whatever lines we need to target the devs and then we'll make up a message and send it tomorrow
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Target Milestone: 2013-07-04 → 2013-07-11
(In reply to Wil Clouser [:clouserw] from comment #4)
> cvan: can you do whatever lines we need to target the devs and then we'll
> make up a message and send it tomorrow

I never did this, and we already removed. Do we still have to do this?

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5 years ago
We should still notify them so they can proofread and make sure they haven't gotten their descriptions mangled.
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