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What did you do?
There is a misprint in promotional materials. While we're trying to get the misprint fixed before too many copies are made, that may or may not happen, so let's start preparing to add a redirect.

What happened?
Please redirect to

I have no idea where that first address came from, but it's what's in the materials being printed. That URL works if the user's locale is en, but not for other locales, apparently.

What should have happened?
I will advise if they manage to stop press on the material with the wrong URL, in which case we won't need this redirect or rewrite in place. But let's go with the assumption that we will need to install a tech solution, just in case.

Is there anything else we should know?
This is fairly time sensitive; if the print materials go out to a lot of people with this bad URL, they'll be getting errors, which is no good.
Question: Should this redirect work *just* for en-US, or do you really mean /{lang}/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Security where {lang} is the user's language?
Looks like redirecting to this URL covers the locale issue:

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fix bug 887428: Redirect for misprinted URL in promo materials
Merge pull request #1189 from lmorchard/887428-misprint-redirect

fix bug 887428: Redirect for misprinted URL in promo materials


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