[Security Review][Fuzzing][jsfunfuzz] Support compiling and fuzzing softfp ARM js shells



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5 years ago


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Hannes and Vlad mentioned that we should be compiling and fuzzing softfp ARM js shells since they're what we ship (hardfp is planned for Firefox OS but not yet implemented).

As a sidenote, Android is defined to be softfp, we'll "never be able to build hardfp on Android (other than in a mixed mode which we're investigating)".

This bug is about adding support for compiling and fuzzing softfp ARM js shells on Ubuntu Linux into the harness.
Thanks! That would really help. I even think it would catch some of the issues I'm only able to reproduce on optimized nightly builds on a phone. Really hard to debug. Having some fuzzing going on would possible return easier testcases and decrease debugging time and catch problems earlier.
I think LangFuzz has been fuzzing softfp all the time already. I only very recently switched to hardfp now because the newest Ubuntu is fully armhf now, no other packages are built.
Whiteboard: [Fx]
Support for compiling, fuzzing and bisecting softfp and hardfp builds was added in rev 29671fa75bbf, landing yesterday.
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