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Bring templates and original makes to the top of search results


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When you do a search that has a matching webmaker:template I think it makes sense to have that template show up as the first result.

For example, right now when you search for "Movie Poster" you get a bunch of derivatives and have to go to the second page to see the pretty original.

If possible, we should also do this for any original, not just a template. So that way, the original shows up as the first result and the subsequent remixes show up thereafter.
+1 definitely need this for teaching guides and associated pieces and parts. 

I've been using a series of tags so that people can find mozteach makes they're looking for. I'm trying to use the new search capability to send people to specific things, like "See all Activities". This should bring Mozteach activities to the top, followed by original makes, followed by derivatives.

Documentation on my tagging:
We can definitely do this by boosting the relevance of makes that contain that tag: or
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Jon - can you also boost relevance to parent makes over derivative child makes that are remixed over the parent, regardless of any tagging?

Some child remixes will have completely different words in the title, but for those that have a matching phrase, it would make sense to give originals better relevancy

(at least I think so)
Boosting sounds like what we want.

This will require an extension of the API to allow boosting on fields and Values.

I'm going to block this on the switch to server side query DSL generation.
Depends on: 886887
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un-iceboxing now that the dependency landed.
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This isn't going anywhere, we can re-file when we want to do something similar here.
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