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With TestMode enabled Firefox changes the order of windows when a background window is focused


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This behaviour is tested via Mozmill (see bug 887315).

With testMode enabled Firefox still changes the order the windows when a background window gets focused (it brings the focused window upfront).

This gets fixed by Neil's attachement 765942 from bug 803492
With that patch applied the window order remains consistent (as returned by getZOrderDOMWindowEnumerator)

Neil, I am assigning this directly to you.
I hope I'm not breaking protocol too much by doing this directly, but I don't want this issue to get lost. Thanks
Not sure what side effects this will have, but its said to fix the issue in test mode.
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Don't call SetVisibility in test mode

Well, if testing mode users need this, fine.
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Neil, do you think we can get this backported to aurora? It would be important for us given that 24 becomes the next ESR release and will be around for a while. It would save us a lot of headaches. Thanks.
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Do you still need this? Just set the flags as necessary on the patch/bug.
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(In reply to Neil Deakin from comment #5)
> Do you still need this? Just set the flags as necessary on the patch/bug.

Well, now its too late to modify the product for a testing change. :(
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