Syslog data from puppet masters should be sent to data center syslog servers



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The syslog from puppetmasters does not currently send us any data. It should be forwarding to:

depending on the datacenter.
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Assignee: relops → dustin
Michal, are those still the right hostnames?  They don't seem to exist.  I see, but that doesn't allow me access on 6514/tcp:

dmitchell@releng-puppet2 ~ $ nc -vz 6514
nc: connect to port 6514 (tcp) failed: Connection timed out

same for the proxy:

dmitchell@releng-puppet2 ~ $ nc -vz 6514
nc: connect to port 6514 (tcp) failed: Connection timed out
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It does exist and has a listening syslog instance. What are the source IP you are trying to connect from?
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It = syslog1.private.scl3, then :)

I'm connecting from releng-puppet{1,2}.{build.{scl1,mtv1},srv.releng.{use1,usw2,scl3}}
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Are you having any troubles connecting?
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yes, see comment 1
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SCL3 and PHX1

I can see the policy allowing connections to syslog1.private.{scl3,phx1} on port 514. Can you try that? If the data is coming to us inside the IPSEC tunnel we can just ship cleartext on the application layer.
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Messages appeared.  UDP works, and anyway that's what we want so rsyslog doesn't queue up messages if syslog1 fails.

We don't have anything in phx1, so there's no need to have a conditional to switch between the syslog servers.
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I don't see ::rsyslog and I suspect we'd want the .conf to be absent if no syslog server specified.
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What does "don't see ::rsyslog" mean?  /\<::rsyslog\>/ appears exactly once in the patch, and /::rsyslog/ three times.

The rsyslog module manages the conf directory, so if no server is specified, it will be removed.
bah! totally missed that rsyslog was already in repo, I meant I hadn't seen it included in patch.

Consider my concerns revoked
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Callek pointed out I was wrong - rsyslog.d wasn't purged.  Now it is.
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Sorry, somehow I missed this review req.  lgtm r+
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Seems to be working!
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