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Steps to reproduce:

every page I go to now the text editing fails. I can't edit a text field [or at least it doesn't show the edit] and the carets are all over the place. I can actually drag them around the screen. A lot of pages I end up with a blank or partial screen.

Actual results:

editing in input fields seems completely broken. I can't even sign in from my tablet to report this bug. The persona login screen has no input fields showing but the virtual keyboard is up.

Expected results:

everything was fine in v21. I upgraded hoping a specific issue I have with spell check might have been fixed, but now nothing [and that is every site i've visited so far] is broken.

I just tried closing the persona login screen to get back to the input.mozilla.org screen and it's locked up.


5 years ago
OS: Windows 7 → Android
Hardware: x86_64 → ARM

Which device, keyboard and OS are you using? Do you have a particular URL or test-case example showcasing this? Also do you see the same problems using Nightly (http://nightly.mozilla.org) for Android?

Comment 2

5 years ago
Asus TF-201, Android 4.1, virtual keyboard

It's happening on every page I've visited so far that has an <input> field.

ex msnbc.com. I click the 'search' field, virtual kbd comes up, i type something [doesn't show in the input field], press go, the page refreshes but no search results and the page doesn't respond.

I installed the nightly build and the page is blank on the right 40% [text is cut off vs not sized properly].

input.mozilla.org - i click the sign in and at least now I see the input fields and I can type into the email field [no spell check and i see the text in the input field]

reopened msnbc.com - the page rendered with huge images and fonts

refreshed and it's ok

The nightly build seems to have fixed most of the issues, except the one I really want fixed - keyup & keydown events for <input> fields so I can use some ajax functions for narrowing search results [this is the only browser that doesn't seem to fire the events, using it for jquery chosen() to build results by ajax]
Hi, I cannot reproduce the problem you're reporting with Asus Transformer Pad (Android 4.2.1).
Do you still see the issue on latest Nightly builds? Thanks!
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