browser on B2G truncates view of the page - unable to read all the text



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5 years ago
Using a current build from Gaia master with Gecko from mozilla-central on Geeksphone Peak. I tried installing the HERE Maps app from the marketplace. On first run, touched the link to view the Terms & Conditions, and chose to view them with the Browser.

Two problems with the display of the resulting page in the Browser:

(a) the nav-controls bar at the bottom of the screen overlays the bottom of the page text, and doesn't disappear (is it supposed to?) to allow me to read it, nor can I scroll the page so as to bring the last line fully into view.

(b) more seriously, the browser displays the text of the T & C pages in quite a large font (seems much larger than necessary, but that may be an authoring issue on Nokia's side), but it does not wrap correctly to fit within the screen; the lines are truncated. I can pinch-zoom *in* further, but can not zoom *out* so as to see the full width of the lines, nor can I pan horizontally to bring the rest of the text into view.

Unfortunately, neither ddms nor Android Device Monitor seems to be able to take a screenshot of my Peak device (ddms tries, but the result is garbled; in monitor, I can't get the screen to show at all), so no screen grab is attached for now.

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5 years ago
I'm seeing similar problems with other web pages too - e.g. has much of the body text translated, and cannot be panned or zoomed into view. I'm guessing this is related to DPI handling - such as confusing device pixels vs CSS px somewhere when computing viewport size, etc.
Summary: browser on B2G truncates view of HERE Maps terms & conditions - unable to read all the text → browser on B2G truncates view of the page - unable to read all the text


5 years ago
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Assuming this was on a m-c build from June 28, has anything improved in the last few days? I have been landing patches that affect the relevant code, although I can't recall offhand if I landed any fixes that would correct this in the relevant time range.
The font size is still quite big, but that would be an evangelism issue. 

It seems that the main purpose of this bug was about the text truncation which is now fixed on trunk.
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