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Determine if PSP causes wifi latency problem for B2G as it does for [at least some] Fennec


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Bug 888268 describes a latency problem caused in the driver level of wifi [at least some] fennec handsets due to 802.11 power save polling.

We should test the b2g hardware we are most interested in to see if it has similar issues. Since this can be a driver level issue testing the actual handsets is important.

Any potential fix to gonk would hopefully be better than the workaround fennec needs thanks to our better access to the system internals on gonk.

The best test is probably just to compare B2G on wifi with desktop on the same wifi to ... a huge discrepancy is worth investigating.

jason indicated he would take the ball on figuring out who/what has the right hardware to do this.
Bug 784733 implemented turning power saving mode on B2G.
Depends on: 784733
And I think it actually may have implemented it wrong. But we do intend for PS mode to be on.
cool - thanks for the info. we can definitely use a hook to suppress it when necko is active for a short period of time
mwu: sounds like we need to figure out if we're hitting these delays on our shipping B2G hardware, and either 1) implement patrick's tickling hack or 2) a better, b2g-specific fix.  Do you have any idea who we could ask to run the test in comment 0 to figure out if we've got a problem here?  I'm guessing someone from QA with the appropriate hardware.
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I tested on my N4 and the latency gets much worse with PS turned on. PS is turned on by default according to these measurements. PS mode is very simple to toggle if you have root. Run wpa_cli, and then "SET ps 0" to turn off and "SET ps 1" to turn on.
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