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Firefox does not reload fonts


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a font and a webpage, link the font in the CSS file (or use the preview functionality in
2. Open the html file
3. Edit the font
4. Press reload

Actual results:

The font is not updated with the rest of the document.

Expected results:

The entire page should be updated, including the font.
Provide a testcase, please.
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Here is a way to reproduce the problem:
1. Download the two font files and the html document.
2. Open the html document in Firefox. The letter "a" will be replaced by a triangle if the font is loaded.
3. Edit the font file. (I use BirdFont but FontForge and other editors should work as well). If you don't want to install a font editor can you replace the ttf file with another font.
4. Reload the page.
Another way to reproduce this problem is to delete the ttf file and reload the page.
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Product: Firefox → Core
In FF25, if I delete the ttf file then:
- I reload the page (F5): the triangle stays visible
- I force the cache to reload (Ctrl+F5): "a" is back

Could you test with nightly, please.
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The bug seems be present in Mozilla Firefox 25.0a1 too. I got the same result as in 22.0.
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I forgot to close 0.22 before I started 0.25a. I get the same result as you do in FF25. The font is reloaded only with Ctrl+F5. Maybe it is a feature.
Yes, it's a feature (implemented in bug 816483). To optimize the normal user experience, webfonts are not re-fetched when a page is reloaded (or when a subsequent page uses the same font resource); when possible, we simply re-use the same font instance that we've already created on the platform.

In bug 862222, we added support for forcing the font to be reloaded (using Ctrl-F5, or holding Shift while clicking the Reload icon, I think). This is mainly intended for authors/developers who may be modifying the actual font resource and want to see the effect of their changes without quitting the browser; normal users shouldn't need to worry about this.
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Duplicate of bug: 862222
Thank you.
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