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6 years ago
There's an MDN theme now:


We should use that for the API docs.
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One caveat: That MDN theme is a prototype, just to get the ball rolling. It's the product of me copying & pasting from View Source on MDN and spinning up a theme while in between sessions at a conference.

It could use a lot of work to become serious business. Suggestions welcome.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P5
FWIW, the MDN dev theme will probably pull this into our own queue of work to further prove and refine our concept for externally-sourced content zones on MDN.
Depends on: 873256
For the record, I've opened a pull request for the Sphinx theme repo to make it capable of packaging. This would ease the installation/configuration in new Sphinx docs dramatically (~"Just pip install it!").
Needs work & has bugs, but here's my first attempt at running the Marketplace API docs through our new MDN theme:

Not quite ready for a pull request, but this is what I did so far:

Next steps are to look through that rendering of the API docs and make a note of anything that's broken or needs changing in general to make this theme acceptable.
Who should do QA on this? Marketplace team? Docs team? WebQA?

I assume Marketplace team?
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Daniel, can you please take a look at our first attempt at Marketplace API documentation and let us know what you think? Les can say more about what exactly he was hoping to get feedback on. Please let either of us know if you have any questions.
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Can Marketplace check out and let us know if it looks good enough to send a pull request and ship it?
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5 years ago
I can see a few visual bugs such as the character on the end of titles:

Note being on a seperate line:

And this:

Should we file separate bugs for these?
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Comment here is good enough for me. :)
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5 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
bug 889536 - mdn sphinx theme cleanup
Merge pull request #1316 from groovecoder/sphinx-theme-cleanup-889536

bug 889536 - mdn sphinx theme cleanup
Blocks: 918885
No longer blocks: 918885
Les just opened a pull request about this.
Blocks: 918885

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5 years ago
Wanted to do it in a slightly different way, so landed:

Also did solitude, webpay, zippy. When the new beta skin lands in the theme it would be awesome.


5 years ago
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