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Default to sending autolog data to both production and dev ES servers


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Currently, Marionette does not specify any ES server when posting results to autolog, with the result the mozautolog uses a default server, the IT production cluster.

This is inconvenient for debugging, since the prod cluster isn't accessible from my laptop.

I'm going to add an --es-server arg to Marionette, and let it default to the [prod, dev] cluster pair if not specified, so that Marionette will write to both by default.  The dev cluster is accessible from my laptop.

Rob, after we get some data streaming into the dev cluster, we can figure out what data (if any) is missing for the test failure heuristics you're working on.
There's no one but me familiar with both autolog and Marionette, so I'm trying to stick you with this review, but can pass it elsewhere if you don't want it.

In this patch, I am defaulting to our ES cluster instead of 'localhost', primarily to save myself the pain of having to remember to specify --es-server foo --es-server bar in every Jenkins job that we want to report to autolog.

I stripped out the rest_server attribute as we never had a CLI to set it, and we don't currently have a use-case for doing so...we can add it back if we ever need to debug against a local autolog instance, but right now it seems like a case of YAGNI.
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Add --es-server arg to Marionette,

Whoever gets to it first...
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Add --es-server arg to Marionette,

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Didn't run it, but it looks fine to me. And ++ on fixing some horizontal spacing. :)
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