For each locale, track % localized (top 20, all) on a daily basis


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5 years ago
We currently have no way to track historical localized rates for each locale. We just have the current state that is done with an awesome SQL query for the localization dashboards.

My current proposed solution is to:
* Create a daily cron job that calculates the % of top 20 and % of all (only categories we care about: 10, 20) articles that are up to date for each locale.
* Store those values somewhere. We might be able to use the metrics model we have in the kpi app? Or it might make more sense to create a model just for this?

In followup bugs:
* Add a chart to the localization dashboard that shows this historical data
* Create a way to see the historical data for multiple locales at once. This still needs to be defined. Should it go in a new dashboard for l10n community managers? Should it go on the KPI dashboard? Or?

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5 years ago
This is 2-3pts. Going conservatively with 3 :)
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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Hi Ricky,

Thanks a lot for filing this bug.

The proposed solution sounds really good. I think that % of top arctiles and % of all are the most important metrics. And I agree with:

* the need for a chart for the historical data (I would also include the amount of active contributors [TBD] in that chart, should I file an extra bug for it?)

* the need for an aggregated dashboard. I think it shouldn't be a KPI because there's a lot of information, but rather a page. An easy solution would be to display the top 10 locales in the first page and then the other in different pages. But if there was a way of selecting the locales to show that would be better. Also determining the top locales would mean to take the google analytics data into account. I'm not sure how much complicated that would make everything.

Let me know if you have questions or if I should create more bugs.


- Rosana

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5 years ago
(In reply to Rosana Ardila from comment #2)
> I would also include the
> amount of active contributors [TBD] in that chart, should I file an extra
> bug for it?)

I figured we'd leave that for separate bug. It doesn't have to go together with this. Do we have the definition for "active contributor" yet?
When you file bugs for this, could you please either use bug 819385 or dupe it?

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5 years ago
pull 1500 ladies and gents :)


5 years ago
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5 years ago
Deployed to prod now. Data collection starts tomorrow :)
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