Little Alchemy app dragged offscreen when trying to scroll item list.




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5 years ago
5 years ago


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5 years ago
Using Firefox Nightly on Gingerbread, installed Little Alchemy app to try out app store, and 'cause it looked fun.

Sometimes, dragging the item list to scroll pulls the entire app UI up, revealing white below it.  All future item drags are offset by the amount of white that shows.  Sometimes I can drag it back down, sometimes not.  It seems to get progressively worse over time playing - odd that that app would be any kind of resource strain.

Restarting helps for a bit, but it always comes back.  Noticed it at around the 30-35 item mark.

Offtopic, but since I bring up trying app store, Little Alchemy is kind of annoying because, despite using a manifest, it doesn't seem to start if my phone doesn't have internet access.  Not sure if that's the app's fault or Firefox'.

Also, after one update, Little Alchemy seemed to hang on startup.  I tried deleting it from app store, then reinstalling it.  Didn't help.  Tried deleting the app icon from desktop as well, just in case.  No change.  Not sure if that's related to recent nightlies or not.  Haven't investigated.  Is kind of annoying that deleting from inside firefox app management doesn't remove the app icon firefox installed to android btw.


5 years ago
OS: Other → Android
Hardware: Other → ARM
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