Meeting attendees not aware they are request participant or not



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Lightning 1.9.1



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Steps to reproduce:

Create a meeting using google apps (via web) sending invite to a user of same domain using thunderbird 17.0.6 on ubuntu 12.10 with lighting 1.9.1

Actual results:

User receiving the meeting request does'n know if he is a needed participant, an optional one, or just a non-participant.
Even after accepting the request, the entry on the calendar hasn't any information about the request status of participation
Seems lightning doesn't read role property on ics sent

Expected results:

Users getting meeting request needs to know if they are request participant or no.

Comment 1

4 years ago
To investigate on this issue, the complete received orginal email (and not just the ics) would be required. Can you provide this? You can hide sensitive user information, but if doing so, please take care, that you do this for each appearing email adress/user name individually.

In general, lightning makes a solid guess to identify the one of the attendees, who is actually receiving the invitation and process the event accordingly. But there are some special cases where this fails.
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