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5 years ago
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(Reporter: Erika Drushka, Assigned: Erika Drushka)



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5 years ago
Copy needed for MozFest 2013 Website. Will also be used in emails and social media.

Workflow: Erika D to write copy, Michelle to review, Sackin to give final sign-off

Pad here:
Summary: MozFest 2013 - Write copy for website → MozFest 2013 - Write copy for MozFest website

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5 years ago
I've taken a first crack at it. Michelle, not 100% sure who the emails are going to (how well you know the recipients) so you may have to re-work a little (or fill me in and I'm happy to do it).

My edits are on the pad:


5 years ago
Assignee: nobody → erikad
* having a look at the copy in etherpad now

Comment 4

5 years ago
Thanks all for the good edits! Cleaned up and think we're ready to go.

@Erika: would you have bandwidth to turn some of the current copy into a new "about" section in Mark's voice? Format is here:

We don't have to edit too much, but might be nice to update this section. Edits very welcome!

Comment 5

5 years ago
Thanks for cleaning up the pad! 

One question: are you confident that people will understand what an "annual read/write event" means? I don't even really know what that means!! I'd love to see that opening description a little more clear.

And yes, happy to attempt a new Mark S 'About MozFest' speech bubble.
@ Erika D: I'm a bit confused by this pad:

* I'd like to edit the front page copy that currently appears here:

* Especially the "Themes." I'd like to make the Theme descriptions a) crisper and b) put them in an order that tells a better story.

* the Theme descriptions are listed several times here. So here's my suggested edits:

Building Webmaker Together. Mozilla Webmaker is an open source project powered by you. Where should it head next?

Teach the Web. Inspire learners, teach digital skills and spread web literacy through open collaboration and making.

Skills and Badges. New ways to recognize skills and learning that happen online -- or just about anywhere. 

Start a network in our hometown. Champion digital making and bring together local communities near you.

Hackable Games. Make and remix games. Test the web as an open gaming platform for the world.

Webmaking for Mobile. The web is the platform. Make apps, hack on Firefox OS, and become a mobile maker.

Source Code for Journalism. Use the open web to solve problems in news. Build tools that empower newsrooms to tell better stories.

Make the Web Physical. Bring the web to physical objects, sensory experiences and hands-on making. 

Science with the Web. Conduct experiments from your laptop. Make science more open, accessible and collaborative. 

Security and Privacy. Put your privacy first and help others protect their data.
Please also re-order fourth front-page bullet to:

* "Creating change in education, journalism, science, games and much more."
* Michelle T: two questions: 
** is there an archived version of last year's Festival front page and about pages? Would be useful to compare with
* Would it be easier to give Erika D credentials to edit the front and about pages in WordPress? We promise to be consultative -- and anything you don't like can always be rolled back. Seems like a more agile way to do this?
* the "Themes" section on the front page with the graphic icons should also be ordered in a way that tells a story and reflects our priorities. With related themes grouped together.

1) Building Webmaker Together
2) Teach the Web
3) Skills and Badges
4) Start a network
5) Hackable Games
6) Webmaking for Mobile
7) Source Code for Journalism
8) Make the Web Physical
9) Science with the Web
10) Security and Privacy
@ Erika D: let's tweak "Makers" block to:


****The**** Mozilla Festival opens up a world of ideas, activities and opportunities for webmakers.

Gain skills to bring webmaking into your community, and make new projects that help others do the same.

Empower digital creators with exciting activities, learn-as-you-make resources, mentor networks and more. Mozilla programs like the Hive Learning Network, Open News, Science Lab, Open Art and more will be on hand to teach, share and create with you.

(note these are Mozilla programs, not partners)
* Erika D: you good on this one? 
* We will also need to create a Message Platform for Mozilla Festival. with definitive talking points for all MozFest-related messaging 
* Erika D: can you file that ticket?

Comment 12

5 years ago
Created a WP account for Erika and Matt. Erika is working on some site tweaks, inc. what Matt listed here. 

@Matt: I'd like to advocate to keep the themes in their current alphabetical order. Since we don't have an articulated reason for prioritizing them, other than maybe a concentric circle of Mozilla's interests, it might be confusing for users who will see these listed alphabetically in dropdown menus and in other places. Happy to hear other reasons why to change, but think there's a strong case for keeping as is.

Comment 13

5 years ago
+1 to keeping the same order for themes. So if they're alphabetical on the dropdowns, lets keep them in that order on the site.

Comment 14

5 years ago
Bug to write messaging platform is here:
(In reply to Michelle Thorne from comment #12)
> Created a WP account for Erika and Matt. 

Thanks Michelle! 

> @Matt: I'd like to advocate to keep the themes in their current alphabetical
> order. 

I'm proposing to group the themes in an intentional way for two reasons:
1) Surman suggested it last year. And I think he was right. One of the easiest way to tell a story about the Festival is to tell a great story about the themes -- grouped in a way that shows how they add up to something larger.

2) The job of the front page is to tell a *story.* Alphabetical order is the opposite of a story. :)

* Building Webmaker together, teaching the web, skills and badges, creating a learning network in your city -- these things clearly fit together. And they're stronger together. So why wouldn't we try to help establish them as parts of a larger whole -- instead of disconnected strands? 

One of our larger goals this year -- as per Claw's recent memo -- is to build one great educational offering, instead of a bunch of standalone pieces. Let's try to reflect that in our MozFest messaging.
Let's work on the canonical message platform together here (including how we tell a story about the themes and how they fit together). As Drushka has started here:

that way we can do this once -- instead of having to re-discuss in a bunch of individual tickets

Comment 17

5 years ago
+1 and we've got a call tomorrow at 1800 CET / 1200 ET to develop these. But agree that clustering works, but re-ordering the list without explaining why seemed not to deliver much value.


5 years ago
Component: Marketing → Press
Product: Webmaker → Mozilla Foundation Communications

Comment 18

4 years ago
Now that we've locked down the MozFest messaging (it's here: )  I've started updating the text for the new site.

My suggested edits are here:

Michelle, please take a look. (I didn't do anything too drastic.) I can update the site with the new text once you sign off.

We still need to group the themes in an intentional way. Michelle, am I correct  that you've come up with a plan for that? Can you edit the site as necessary?
* Are we all good on this one? Michelle, let me know if there's anything I can do to help out here?

Comment 20

4 years ago
You all have been great -- thanks!

Let's keep this bug open because when Drushka is back, we'd like to turn the Space Wrangler's copy about their tracks into something publicly digestible. Raw content here, line 197:
Do you guys maybe want to file a new ticket for the space wranglers bit?

Comment 22

4 years ago
There might be more stuff in addition to Space Wranglers. Should we file an individual ticket for each?

Comment 23

4 years ago
Closing this ticket now that Space Wanglers have been added to the site. Let's file individual tickets for anything else.
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