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Add a new column to the ChatZilla user list showing how recently a user did something


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Sometimes it would help if the user list had an optional column showing how long it had been since there was activity on each nick.  That would help users in busy channels where a bot with a Seen command isn't present.  Then you could scroll to the nick in question where an icon of some sort would be present.

Personally, I would suggest making that icon relative to the other nicks.  So if a nick was the most recent to have activity, it would be shown as recent--even if that activity was days ago.

Finally, I would make the new column hidden by default for those that don't want it.
Severity: normal → enhancement
A slightly related idea that's bounced around my head a few times is a sort option for "activity", so more active people are at the top.

Would you be interested in the exact time since activity or just some rough idea, like "<1h", "1-4h", "4-12h", "12+h" type thing?
Severity: enhancement → normal
Not sure.  I was thinking of an icon that slowly fades away.  A tooltip would show more precise data perhaps?  The resolution of the change might need to be experimented with.
Oh, one more question: would a user's "activity level", or whatever you call it, be per-channel or across the network? E.g. if I talk in #chatzilla, would I appear "active" in #firefox as well?
Don't know.  Need to think about it.  Although you could enlarge it to include all nicks everywhere with the same mask.  I'd include the NickServ group in that "enlargement", but support for groups varies and isn't easily detectable.
If “across the network”, you can get that info by means of the /wii command, but that means asking for it for a given nick. If “per channel”, how can one get it, especially for nicks who were last active in the channel before we joined that channel? Or for nicks who happened to be active just between the times when we received a ping-timeout and did a successful a reconnect+rejoin? (Assuming no firebot-like bot in the channel, of course.)
It would just be activity you've seen, whether across the network or not. A built-in !seen, if you will.
Tony, I would ignore any possible activity before the channel was joined.  Only nicks that were already being watched in other channels would be included.  Like Silver said, it would be like a built-in !seen.
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Hover the pointer on the mockup usernames to show the hourglass as it runs out.
The demo runs 10 times normal speed for brevity.

The idea is more granular idle time represented till the hour glass runs out at an hour, then at 2 hours the opacity reduces to 2/3rds, then at 4 hours it reduces to 1/3rd.

Tooltips not shown, and if this is enough without tooltips needed it'll save on localising strings.
Oops, I meant it runs 600 times faster. The hourglass emptying transition would normally update once every 5 minutes instead of .5 seconds.
Well, I hope the first one wasn't meant to be shown that large.  As for the others, it might help if the icon was always visible rather than only when the mouse is overhead.
Sorry I incorporated the "hidden by default" from comment 0 without reading properly that you meant the entire column would be hidden.
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Severity: normal → enhancement
Different users might prefer having or not having this additional column.

Note that the desired info is already available for one user at a time: by "/wii <nickname>" for currently connected users, by "/whowas <nickname>" for recently disconnected ones, and, on networks equipped with Services, "/ns info <account>" or "/msg NickServ info <account>" will tell you for any registered user if (s)he is online, and if not, since when.
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