Remove play button and jagged edge from Maker Party Thumbnail on homepage



5 years ago
5 years ago


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5 years ago
I'm looking at the thumbnail for this make:

There's been some user confusion about the Play Button inside the big thumbnail on the homepage for Maker Party – see bug 887874. We should try to avoid placing UI elements inside the thumbnails.

The Jagged edge is also a little off-brand for Webmaker, so if possible, I'd remove it.

Kat, are you able to take this bug?
Big +1 to this, lots of folks are in agreement I think. The bad UX on border + overall thumb look was the main reason why I didn't feature this Make in this week's feature lineup. 

Happy to change thumb and add to next week's feature lineup.

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5 years ago
Awesome, glad we're on the same page! A coming style guide (bug 888251) should help with stuff like this too. Let me know if you need some thumbnail help otherwise feel free to assign to yourself. :)
My only limitation thumb-wise [I didn't make that original thumb, btw] is that I can't get screenshots big enough to be 1000x1000 due to having a small-screen laptop, but I can get them up to 800. 

Just worried that if we want to make this big it might not be ideal. What do you think- 800px enough?

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5 years ago
1000px is ideal, as we want to optimize for retina displays, at least re. content we create. May have to be lower res if we are taking it from a screenshot, but I can totally take a screenshot for you, want to tell me the min/sec sweet spot?
Sure, that'd be awesome, would give freedom to feature this in one of the larger slots at some point if we want to.
update: asking cappleton for gif vectors, as only usable thumb is within a fast-moving gif :)
final update: created new thumb, link here:
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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