No longer able to search via address bar in Firefox 23+ on Kindle Fire HD




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5 years ago
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5 years ago
After upgrading to Firefox 23, I entered some search terms (e.g., "cheesecake recipe") in the address bar and hit the search button.

Firefox attempted to interpret the search terms as an actual web address, rather than recognizing them as a search string.  The browser returned an error page with the message:
/!\ The address isn't valid -- The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.

Before upgrading to version 23, this would have returned a google search result of my search terms. I suspect the change is related to the modifications made to the way that keyword.URL is handled in this version of Firefox.
If you go to settings, add-ons, and tap Google, and hit select as default does that fix anything? Any add-ons installed?

Which device, OS, and keyboard are you using? Do you see this on a new profile ('clear data')?
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5 years ago
When I click on the menu bar and then Tools -> Add-ons, there are no add-ons listed.  No Google option there, either. 

This is a Kindle Fire HD 7", rooted for Google Play (hence Firefox) and using Swype keyboard.
Sounds like your browser profile got botched or something. Can you try reinstalling?

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5 years ago
Hmm, clearing data didn't help. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but am still having the same problem.
Hmm, why were there not be any search add-ons installed? (open question to any dev)

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5 years ago
Problem persists in the most recent update to Firefox for Android.

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5 years ago
Also could someone clarify--when I select 'Addons' from the menu, should I see search engines listed?  I have an empty list right now, and browsing in the marketplace doesn't turn up any option to add google search, etc.
We don't currently really support the Kindle Fire HD at all. Can you capture, save and attach a logcat (adb logcat) to this bug of Firefox startup and access to the Addons Manager?


4 years ago
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