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* Let's create a wiki page for documenting how to get involved in Webmaker Mentor community calls
* when, where, how, etc.
* maybe this already exists -- just not sure where it is :)
Hey Matt - Maybe you could update the team on bug 878978 so that we could discuss the Super Mentor call timing/purpose?

*Currently, this call is the 4th Thurs. of each month, starting July 25th. We've already decided it's open to all Mentors.

*When the team formed, we had talked about making 1 Mentor Team call a month open for the community (no one on the team wants to lose the team call).

*Festi-call seems like Mentor call anyway, so do we combine the "Super Mentor call" with Festi call?

All things we could discuss in tomorrow's team call (and I would LOVE to get this solved before the 25th, so we don't keep changing things up on the Super Mentors).

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5 years ago
* ok. let's discuss in tomorrow's Mentor Team call
* "Festi-call" is a long ways off from implementation -- and should not block any of this work here. 
* to be clear: I'm not trying to make any new proposals here. It's more just about documenting whatever you guys are already doing. So we can promote it and point people to it more easily.
I started this, but it's NOT finished. Need to figure out where we will hold these calls. Up til now, we've been using Michelle's vidyo...

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5 years ago
@ Thanks Laura

* Michelle: do you know where these are happening?


5 years ago
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Angela - Can we use the Webmaker line once a month for Mentor Community Call? Our community is worldwide, that's always been the easier solution for them.
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5 years ago
If we can't use the Webmaker line, I propose we keep using Vidyo, as it's great to see everyone's face. There is also a phone line to dial directly, if you can't run Vidyo: 

+1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9 9381
Alright, let's lock it in. I like seeing everyone's smiling faces too!

I updated:

Any changes, make to the wiki. 

And this bug is resolved!
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