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5 years ago
In Comms and Maker Party calls, it became evident last week that Webmaker community has an increasing need for a Support/Help infrastructure on sites (such as /events, /teach, homepage, /party). 

This could take the form of a small "Need Help?" button at top of each page, a FAQ button at top of each page, or some sort of central, shared form (with various 'help' modules included) that we can check to make sure we're helping those who need help using the site - leaving that to Cassie and Kates' experienced eyes!

Rebecca has currently been getting help/support needs from social media outlets, me from youth events, and the Maker Party team gets it through emails - but we don't currently have a place to centralise these needs. 

More food for thought: Should these help/support needs be put into separate bugs, or should we submit just one bug a week with the most important ones included?

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5 years ago
An update from SUMO: 

* It's pretty straightforward if we want to use as a platform. 
* What we'll need is a "knowledge base". Basically at least 3-5 articles describing key features and FAQs. 
* One of us needs to be a point person for Sumo to get these articles in the knowledge base. From there, users will be pointed to the right response. 
* They can also set up a forum for us. This is more conversational and community members can easily add more documentation.
* We can also set up a few canned responses in the Army of Awesome (their Twitter response tool). 

It's estimated that it would take 1 person 3 days - 1 week to prepare the content and launch on Sumo. And then 1-3hr/week to maintain. 

What we need: 

* A point person
* A MVP knowledgebase

We have the support of their team to do this.
Yes we've been in touch with Ibai Garcia, who has drafted an etherpad for us to fill out to get the ball rolling:

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We are totally using SUMO now.
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