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6 years ago
Date:  July 18, 2013
System: Postini
EndUser Impact: none unless you forward your mail externally
Contact:  Jen Hayashi


6 years ago
Flags: cab-review?
questions were raised about impact and communication to mv-all@..  Still waiting approval from Tim and Sylvie on this change as it would block posting from people who use external mail providers.
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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Sylvie approved the message with some updates.   Once we get CAB approval we'll send it out.

From: "Sylvie Veilleux" <>
To: "Jennifer Hayashi" <>
Cc: "David Miller" <>, "Tim Fairfield" <>, "Clarissa Sorenson" <>, "Corey Shields" <>, "Justin Dow" <>, "Albert Villarde" <>
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 3:37:06 PM
Subject: Re: Need approval for blocking external email to large distribution lists
Looks good.
Please add an effective date and give folks at least 2 days to respond with concerns before the change.
Please add a contact info and bug tracker for questions or concerns.
From: "Jennifer Hayashi" <>
To: "Sylvie Veilleux" <>
Cc: "David Miller" <>, "Tim Fairfield" <>, "Clarissa Sorenson" <>, "Corey Shields" <>, "Justin Dow" <>
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 2:54:28 PM
Subject: Re: Need approval for blocking external email to large distribution lists

Short Summary:


Mozilla IT is removing email moderation (a manual approval process) from large distribution lists and limiting senders to Moco and Mofo only to protect against phishing attacks.   All messages sent from non-Mozilla email addresses or via a non-Mozilla email server to these distribution lists will be bounced.


Details :
Change date:        TBD

Site:                         All

Services:                Email

Type of work:       Restrictions to large distribution lists

Impact of work: 

After we remove moderation, any emails sent to the distribution lists below must be sent from Mozilla's internal mail servers like or   All other email communications will not be affected.


For most, this change will not affect you.   However, if you are sending email from your or email address via an external email host and NOT using or as your smtp server your email will be bounced.  To continue sending email to the large distribution lists, please log into Zimbra web ui or update your smtp to

What will be impacted:
Please can we add "" to the list of approved sending domains? Several people still use addresses at that domain.

Also, doesn't support (or even require) authenticated SMTP using LDAP? If that's so, why can we not simply restrict this to authenticated senders, no matter what email address they are using? What extra protection does the current plan provide over this proposal?



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5 years ago
Gerv -   I'll make sure is included and update the documentation.   

As for authenticated users, we did talk about limiting things that way - but it wasn't working correctly.   If we can get that working we will revisit this change.
Approved by the CAB to be implemented on Tuesday, 3rd September at 2000 PDT.
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5 years ago
Gerv -  justdave confirmed that as long as you are using with your email address your emails to the large distribution lists will go through without any issues.


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