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Add env var that disables censoring of self-hosted script frames


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We currently take pains to skip over the frames from self-hosted javascript code when building up stack traces.

That makes sense for inter-operation with tools that want to inspect the stack, where we want to hide our internal implementation details.

But when one is debugging the self-hosted code itself, skipping over those frames is throwing out useful information.

So we should provide some way for that information to be reported; not by default, but when used in tandem with some combination of:

* A debug-build of spidermonkey, and/or

* A shell build, and/or

* Some environment variable setting.
Attached patch patch A v1: DEBUG guard alone (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is probably not what we actually want.  I know I'm inviting a bike shed discussion, but since I don't actually care what constraints we add to this "functionality", go ahead, pile on what shades of paint you want to see here.
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Sorry, should've filed this yesterday.

We can't make it hinge on debug mode, as that would make testing of at least some addons (such as GreaseMonkey) impossible. And in general, would be a pretty severe change of behavior between release and debug.

Enabling it only in the shell would work, but it would also be pretty unfortunate: there'd be no way to debug self-hosting issues that one can reproduce only in the browser. Plus, again, introduce a noticeable difference in behavior between two environments: the shell and the browser, in this case. We already have too many of those.

Thus, an env var is probably the way to go.
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Summary: self-hosted errors should be identified by line number in debug (and/or shell?) → Add env var that disables censoring of self-hosted script frames
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patch A v1: DEBUG guard alone

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Clearing feedback based on the previous comment.
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Not asking for review yet because this is not tested beyond checking it compile; just checkpointing here; will sanity-check later today.
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patch A v3: cached env var and debug guard both

Review of attachment 777092 [details] [diff] [review]:

I know you didn't ask for a review, but if your testing shows this to work as expected, I'm fine with it.

My only quibble is the long name for the env var: I'm 100% certain I won't be able to remember that. How about MOZ_SHOW_SH_FRAMES, or even just SHOW_SH_FRAMES? (Little danger of that colliding with anything, I'd say.)
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till notes that it would be good to update this page:

in tandem with landing any patch for this bug.
inherited r+ from till.

a bit of bikeshedding in pjs:
yielded the environment variable name that we settled on: MOZ_SHOW_ALL_JS_FRAMES
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try run:

try: -b do -p all -u all[x86] -t none

(all green)
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