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[User Story] Home screen based on operator apps in case of known country during first time usage


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(Keywords: feature, Whiteboard: [ucid:System99, 1.4:P3, ft:systems-fe, systemsfe])

As a BU I want home screen to be configured with Core and all 3rd party (Common and Local) applications in case of known country while power the device on without a SIM card for the first time (just in case there is only one operator per country)

Acceptance criteria:
* Need a way to get MCC without a SIM card, to know which is the country (to be investigated)
* I so, it is the same case as having a SIM card during first time usage
* It could replace the case of inserting a SIM card after first time usage without a SIM
Blocks: 892938
Keywords: feature
It is being investigated for feasibility, if possible it would replace bug 893807
MCC and MNC cannot be accessed currently unless there's an unlocked SIM card. So either the default country is configured on the device somehow (which doesn't sound that useful) or I don't think we can do this at all.
Closing this as wontfix for the time being since other than geolocation, which would be an iffy solution besides being somewhat dirty (geolocating the user without giving him an option). 

Feel free to reopen it if you feel otherwise.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Flags: in-moztrap-
No longer blocks: 892938
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
We should continue checking for feasibility, and if so we should apply it to other single variant features
Whiteboard: [systemsfe]
Whiteboard: [systemsfe] → [ucid:System99, systemsfe]
Flags: in-moztrap-
Whiteboard: [ucid:System99, systemsfe] → [ucid:System99, ft:systems-fe, systemsfe]
Moved to 1.4 backlog
No longer blocks: 1.3-systems-fe
Depends on: 1.4-systems-fe
No longer depends on: 1.4-systems-fe
Whiteboard: [ucid:System99, ft:systems-fe, systemsfe] → [ucid:System99, 1.4:P3, ft:systems-fe, systemsfe]
After checking it again, we found no way to get MCC/MNC without a SIM, so closing as WONTFIX
Closed: 11 years ago10 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
No longer blocks: 1.4-systems-fe
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