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Create a version of ChatZilla for Android


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I really don't expect this bug to go anywhere.  But I'm filing it anyway.  I use AndChat now for my Android tablet.  But it doesn't have many CZ features.  No Aliases.  No real understanding of networks.  No join UI.  Etc.

I figure a mobile version of CZ wouldn't be as capable as the desktop version, but it is still needed.

If others are interested, I suggest making this bug a meta-bug.  Attach other bugs to it listing the things needed for it to happen.
Since filing this bug, I learned that a version of XUL Runner is being discussed for Android.  The other thing mentioned was something called GeckoView.  I don't really know what that is, but maybe someone else does.
Severity: normal → enhancement
One thing I think should be considered as part of this would be a custom built-in virtual keyboard as an alternative to the one the user selected as what they want for Android.  Features in that keyboard would include:

* Understanding of commands and aliases--This might leave out those provided by the server, but at least list them.
* Include common IRC terms like BRB in the dictionary.
* After nick auto-complete, turn Shift back on.  (When I use the Go Keyboard with AndChat, Shift is off in this situation.)
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