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17 years ago
When I go to bring up My Bugs, it doesn't find any of the ones i've reported.  
It would also be nice to be able to 'bookmark' bugs that I want to track.

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17 years ago
"When I go to bring up My Bugs, it doesn't find any of the ones i've reported."

You can remove the My Bugs link in the footer (it is an Assignee query) and
replace it with a saved Reporter query.  Do this.  Make sure you're logged in
then click the Edit Prefs link <>. 
From thereclick on the Page Footer link
<>. In the first select
"The 'My bugs' link at the footer of each page:" select "should not be
displayed".  Then go to the query page <>
and select Unconfirmed, New, Assigned and Reopened (resolved, verified and
closed if you want these also) from the Status list. Directly under the Status
list enter your email address in the email field, select 'exact match' from the
select and check the box for 'Reporter'.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the
page just above the Submit button you'll see a text entry field "Remember this
query, and name it:". Put any name in there (perhaps "My Bugs") and select the
radio to the left and the checkbox for "and put it in my page footer".  Hit
submit and there you have it.  Now you have a "My Bugs" in the page footer that
will return a lit of bugs you filed.  

"It would also be nice to be able to 'bookmark' bugs that I want to track."

What's stopping you?  Visit a bug press Ctrl+D.  Or better yet, run a query that
gives you a list of bugs (like the "My Bugs" query I just helped you with) and
bookmark the results.  The bookmark will be "live" in that when you load that
URL it will do a fresh query so if a bug has no longer meets the original query
criteria it will no longer show up on the list.  If you'd like a static bookmark
that is just the results of the query, and won't show any additions or
subtractions to the list of bugs then you can click the "Edit this query" link
at the bottom of the buglist and then submit the results again. The new URL will
be a static URL in the form of
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17 years ago
There is actually a bugzilla bug about this, bug 28357
vrfy invalid (closer to wontfix/duplicate)


17 years ago
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