"Clear Recent History..." option choices should not be persistent but offer the default regardless of last-usage




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5 years ago
I've seen in bug 642360 that this issue has been reported before, and confusingly it sounds like it was fixed in 2009 in bug 464208. I apologize in advance if I'm reporting something that is fixed, but I'm filing this because I've now unintentionally cleared all my cookies and cache 3 times in the last month. Here's the scenario:

On OS X, command+shift + an arrow key lets you select/deselect entire lines (left or right) or entire paragraphs (up or down). I use this shortcut A LOT, (granted I have no idea if I'm a weirdo because of it or not), if my system is a little laggy, and I'm using this shortcut to select something to delete it, or if I don't let go of the shift and command keys quickly enough I accidentally end up triggering the "Clear Recent History" option unintentionally via keyboard shortcut. When the system is laggy, I end up clearing info out of whatever input field I'm in, triggering the feature, typing something that gets ignored and hitting enter, accidentally confirming the clear history command. 

If this defaulted to things in the last hour, this wouldn't be a big deal, it would just be annoying. From bug 642360, it seems that the dialog uses the last option I chose when I cleared my history. While I get the convenience of this choice, it can result (and has multiple times for me) in accidentally erasing everything. IMO, it should be a lot harder to clear everything from any of the categories listed in the clear history dialog box. I'd suggest having this feature default to the last hour, so that even if it is accidentally invoked and confirmed my people like me, it doesn't destroy all their history. I'm a little confused about reporting this though because in bug 464208 this appears to have been resolved.
There's no confusion:

bug 464208 set the Option to "1 Hour" default for *1st time usage*.

You OTH want a behavior change that a last-time & non-default user choice (i.e. 2h, 4h, 24h, everything) *not* being persistent.

the issues are orthogonal :-)
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Summary: "Clear Recent History..." option should not default to clearing a time range of "Everything" → "Clear Recent History..." option choices should not be persistent but offer the default regardless of last-usage
Version: 22 Branch → Trunk
Component: Bookmarks & History → Data Sanitization
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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