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Make "Retrieved from" URLs on the meeting-notes blog point to the latest version of the wiki page


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Not set


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Currently the meeting notes posts (eg stick the following at the end of the post:

Retrieved from ““

Ideally this would instead not include the oldid parameter and point to the most recent version of the page.

Also, if possible, could we have the retrieved from URL shown at both the start and the end of the post? (I always have to scroll all the way down to open the meeting page, since I prefer reading it from the wiki directly).

Thank you! :-)
(I couldn't find where the retrieved from URLs are generated; didn't have any clues).
I think these are good suggestions. Patches welcome.

The text is part of the downloaded wiki page. On the wiki it is normally hidden with some CSS, unless you try to print the page.
Mass-closing old bugs I filed that have not had recent activity/no longer affect me.
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