Please update slavealloc to rev 09ce85022f48



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
slavealloc recently moved to the releng web cluster, so hopefully this bug is the correct way to get the existing deployment updated to the latest revision of the tools repo:

Website -

Tools repo -

If there's a deployment script I could run myself, I'm happy to do that.
The deployment of this on the old, but still active, slavealloc implementation caused bug 898684.

[root@relengwebadm.private.scl3 slavealloc]# cd /data/releng/src/slavealloc/
[root@relengwebadm.private.scl3 slavealloc]# ./update 

works, so I can confirm that it is running

I'll leave this bug open as a reminder: "hey webops, tell releng how you'd like this to work"
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5 years ago
Can we schedule a meeting, 30min or so should be good. We can talk about how we generally do this and what we will be expecting when we log in to run updates etc...
A meeting with whom?  And don't ask to ask, just schedule the meeting.

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5 years ago
Umm, a meeting with those who deployed the site / are familiar and the people who are being asked to run the service. I guess that means your team and my team?

I was attempting to be polite and respect peoples schedules by suggesting a meeting with the hopes that we could discuss a time that would work for everyone. I apologize for my politeness and polity back out of my offer to help and will henceforth leave further discourse to the discretion of my manager.

Apparently that was read as rude - sorry about that.  I'm happy to meet, although all of the info is in mana.  We should probably include some folks from releng - Hal and/or Coop? - as well, who can pass along the needed information.  Put something in Zimbra?

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5 years ago
We had a melding of minds during todays webops meeting and everyone went away with todo lists happy as clams.

Closing this out now. Thanks everybody :)
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