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Identify useless CSS rules Projects grow and evolve and some rules become useless. Removing dead CSS code is not as easy as dead HTML or dead JS.

original email:
Taras recently wrote up some prototype code we hope to include as a GCLI command. Might be useful for this.


4 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 942173

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4 years ago
From bug 898624:

(In reply to Ben Kelly [:bkelly] from comment #0)
> Currently the devtools inspector allows us to see rules applied to a single
> element at a single moment in time.  For dynamic pages, like b2g apps, it
> would be nice to be able to see rules as they change over time.
> Possible use cases:
> 1) Determine the minimal set of CSS rules used within an app.  For example,
> many b2g apps pull in largish blocks of CSS from our building blocks, but
> may only use a small subset of the styles.
> 2) Visualize style changes over time to identify potential performance
> issues during transitions and other user operations.
> This could possibly be hacked up as a simple logging facility at first.  A
> longer term tool might look something like:
> 1) Press "style record" button.
> 2) Perform operations on page.
> 3) Press "record complete" button.
> 4) Tool shows a timeline with vertical marks indicating style changes.  (It
> would be nice if this was overlayed on top of other information like
> touch/mouse events for context.)
> 5) Click on a style change marker in the timeline to inspect the rules that
> were removed and added.
> 6) Tool also shows a list of rules that were used at least once during the
> record period.
> This is similar in purpose, but perhaps a bit different to bug 898624 and
> bug 834865.


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