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Add About: menu items to the Help menu when ChatZilla is running as a XUL Runner application


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(Reporter: will.pittenger1+mozbugzilla, Assigned: rginda)


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Steps to reproduce:

Currently there is no way to access URLs like about:memory from ChatZilla.  Those running CZ from within Firefox can just open the URL from Firefox.  But those that run CZ as a XUL Runner app have no such option.  In fact, clicking a link with the about: protocol will cause CZ to look for an application to open it with.

Actual results:

I have no way to open URLs using the about: protocol from within the XR versions of CZ.

Expected results:

There should be menu items and/or commands to open key about: URLs.  Some like about:mozilla and about:kitchensink are junk and can be skipped.  URLs like about:memory are a bit more important.
Perhaps these menu items should be in the Help menu.
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