[bb][refactor] Freeze current BB by moving them into v1 folder



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This patch looks robust, anyway i will feel more confortable if some Gaia peer take a look at the webapp-zip.js also.
Thx guys!
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I would like to have Vivien to review the patch too.

Also I think Yuren could read through the webapps-zip.js part.

Please removing the type as originally planned.
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looks fine for me, but please make sure you have tested it on windows.
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I don't have the bandwidth to r? this correctly but from what I've understood of the patch f+.
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Please, let’s not merge that today: the “Building Blocks v2” aren’t ready yet and they’ll change a lot in the next few weeks (hopefully).

Before we can document and finalize the class names, we need to have the “full picture” — which supposes at least these three steps imho:
 • have a v2 stylesheet for *every* Building Block (we only have “headers.css” so far and its class names are likely to change);
 • (my preferred part) bikeshed about class names so that they make sense for designers, UX engineers and developers;
 • have an expert review on the whole, especially a maintainability evaluation.

One of the reasons why the current shared/style folder has become “what it is” is that it’s very difficult to improve these shared stylesheets once they’re used by apps. Let’s not repeat this mistake, please.

Once our v2 Building Blocks become usable, applying this patch and starting the upgrade will still be doable. There’s no point in rushing this patch.
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We won't work on that by now.
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