the creation of thumbnail size is not compatible to hdpi device



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The thumbnail size is calculated with 210 * window.innerWidth / 320 and 120 * window.innerWidth / 320. When we use HDPI device (1.5x), the width/height may not be sufficient. It should multiply window.devicePixelRatio to create more sharpened image
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use devicePixelRatio to get the correct image size

The original implementation about scale ratio may be incorrect.First, It uses window.innerWidth / 320 to calculate the ratio. But in HDPI device, the window.innerWidth is still 320 (css pixel), but the real device pixel is 480. Second, this implementation doesn't take care about orientation of device. When the creation of thumbnail executing, it uses pre-calculated width and height based on scale ratio to create thumbnail. So, the thumbnail will always be 210x120, if it is in portrait mode. If it is in landscape mode, thumbnail will always be 315x180. But in css, it is configured as 21rem x 12rem and centered in the container. So, the thumbnail created in landscape mode will be cropped. This doesn't make sense.

This patch uses devicePixelRatio to calculate the scale ratio. When user uses non-hdpi device, this value is 1 and the thumbnail will be 210x120. When user uses hdpi device, this value is 1.5 and the thumbnail will be 315x180. In css, I configured it as 100% in background-size which makes thumbnail to scale to full size of its container which is 21rem x 12rem.

The attachments are single preview image and its screenshot.
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device screenshot after patched
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created thumbnail image.
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use devicePixelRatio to get the correct image size

I'm OK with this patch.

Thanks for your work!
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use devicePixelRatio to get the correct image size

This is a nice simple patch. Thanks for explaining it clearly. I get confused with the high dpi stuff.  Also, nice catch about the bug when the video app is launched in landscape mode!

I have one very minor nit on github, and suggest that you test this patch on a high dpi device with a very small video, like a video recorded as an MMS attachment.  If the video is smaller than the thumbnail size, does it do the right thing?
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Hi John, do we need this patch on v1.1hd as well?
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