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JS_NondeterministicGetWeakMapKeys can GC while iterating over a weakmap


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firefox23 --- wontfix
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firefox25 --- fixed
b2g18 --- unaffected
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Here's the relevant code:

        for (ObjectValueMap::Base::Range r = map->all(); !r.empty(); r.popFront()) {
            RootedObject key(cx, r.front().key);
            if (!JS_WrapObject(cx, key.address()))
                return false;
            if (!js_NewbornArrayPush(cx, arr, ObjectValue(*key)))
                return false;

The problem is that if JS_WrapObject does a GC, then the GC could modify the weakmap, which would mess up the iteration.
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This is the simplest possible solution. JS_WrapObject should never do much allocation, so we shouldn't need GC here.
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It is probably okay to unhide this, as nondeterministicGetWeakMapKeys isn't used anywhere in Gecko or Gaia outside of tests, as far as I can see.
Sure, but we won't be exposing anybody to danger as long as we land this at the same time as the other bug, and making it public will make the code landing waltz easier.
Absolutely.  Sorry, I didn't mean to disagree.
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Is it worth a comment? // Prevent GC from mutating the weakmap while iterating.
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OK, opened up.
Group: core-security
Blocks a blocker.
blocking-b2g: --- → leo+
Doesn't look like b2g18 has AutoSuppressGC. Needs a branch-specific patch for uplift.
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OK, let's do it the hard way.
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No idea what branch this patch was made against, but it sure doesn't appear to have been b2g18.
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Well, I feel stupid. b2g18 never had this problem at all.
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