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jsapi-test/testRegExpInstanceProperties.cpp is not compiled


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As discovered in bug 896949, this file was removed from the build, but not version control, with the following change:

Bug 648355 - Disable a fragile JSAPI test that seems to have been kicked into failure likely by compiler-determined optimizations, or something similarly undefined and maybe now impossible to rely upon -- but we'll see. For now, just return to green and really deal with it later. r=orange

author	Jeff Walden <>
	Fri Apr 08 15:24:00 2011 -0700 (at Fri Apr 08 15:24:00 2011 -0700)

The bug number is wrong though.

The code as it stands doesn't compile.
Jeff, do you remember what the problem was this test caused?  Do you think this test is worth fixing or should we just remove it?
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Remove it.  ES6 last I heard made all the RegExp instance data properties into accessor properties on RegExp.prototype, which would eliminate the mess of complexity this test was designed to exercise.  So there's no good reason for it any more once we make that change.  I tend to think, for consistency, we should make that change before removing this test file.  It shouldn't be too bad, possibly may even let us kill off current RegExp complexity that'll no longer be needed once those properties are accessorized.
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This change seems to have happened now in bug 1120169, so removing the file.
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