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Make localAccountUtils.js into a testing module


(MailNews Core :: Testing Infrastructure, defect)

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Thunderbird 25.0


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Part of the work for bug 896738 - move localAccountUtils.js to be a testing module, as that will fix a bunch of issues for us.
As it turns out, this is enough to get rid of all the localAccountUtils warnings. However, we'll go further and just get this cleaned up once and for all.
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This moves four of the five globals (i.e. all apart from the most used one).
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Some 258 instances replaced.
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This completes the change. There's something strange going on with making it a module, that some of the hidden/implicit QIs that happened before no longer work, so there's a bunch of tidy up to fix (and simplify!) those cases.

After this, I still get the same amount of tests failing as I did at the start, so hopefully I've got everything :-)
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Part 2 - move four of the five globals

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Assuming that tests pass.
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Part 4 - make it a testing module

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Yay, one step closer to killing gDEPTH!
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Part 3 - move the last global

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::: mailnews/base/test/unit/test_bug428427.js
@@ +86,3 @@
>    // search will look for tag tag1 in the inbox folder
> +  var searchTerm = makeSearchTerm(localAccountUtils.inboxFolder, tag1, 

Trailing whitespace while you're here.
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