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[Keyboard] Update the pinyin IME layout with the UX specification


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Gonk (Firefox OS)


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(Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform17, FT:System-Platform, koi:p2], [Sprint:2])


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Add keyword in whiteboard for tracking in
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Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform17], [FT: System Platform], [Sprint: 2]
Blocks: 902361
Assignee: nobody → lchang
We don't use 〰「」in simplified chinese, we use 《》to block book names instead.
(In reply to Pin Zhang [:pzhang] from comment #3)
> We don't use 〰「」in simplified chinese, we use 《》to block book names instead.

I didn't find '=' in the spec, it's definitely a frequently used character, for example, people usually type double == for shortcut of "等等" which means "wait for a mimute".
Attached file Pull Request
This patch also implemented following features:

- optimize candidates rendering performance
- add candidate panel paging mechanism
- drop Traditional Chinese support

As Pin mentioned, the current layout of symbol panels do not fit the Simplified Chinese user's requirement. We will file a new bug to discuss how can we improve that.
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cc Jing Zhang.
Please refer to Bug 908592 to discuss the following enhancement about symbol panels.
How is the bug going on? 

It is blocking Bug 905530. Could this bug be landed before we enhance the symbol panels(Bug 908592)?
Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform17], [FT: System Platform], [Sprint: 2] → [ucid:SystemPlatform17, FT: System Platform, koi:p2], [Sprint: 2]
Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform17, FT: System Platform, koi:p2], [Sprint: 2] → [ucid:SystemPlatform17, FT:System-Platform, koi:p2], [Sprint: 2]
Blocks: 906617
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I am reviewing Luke's patch, and should be able to finish this today.
Sorry for the delay.
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Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform17, FT:System-Platform, koi:p2], [Sprint: 2] → [ucid:SystemPlatform17, FT:System-Platform, koi:p2], [Sprint:2]
Comment on attachment 793903 [details]
Pull Request

Hi Luke,

I have reviewed this patch and it is good to merge with,
 1. Please help address the nits that I commented on the pull request.
 2. You have to resolve the conflict because now the new IME framework has landed to Gaia master.

Please set the review flag back so that I will get notified.

Thanks for this great work.
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Hi Xulei,

I've reviewed the keyboard app part.
I also took a look at the changes made to apps/keyboard/js/imes/jspinyin/jspinyin.js, but are not confident that I am qualified to review that part, so could you please have a 2nd-round review this file?

Flags: needinfo?(xyuan)
Hi Rudy & Luke,

I've finished review. The quality of patch is good. I leave a few comments in the pull request.
Flags: needinfo?(xyuan) → needinfo?(lchang)
Depends on: 911903
Blocks: 900906
Hi Rudy and Xulei,

I've updated my patch and resolved the conflict.
Thanks very much for all your useful comments.
Flags: needinfo?(lchang)
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Comment on attachment 793903 [details]
Pull Request

r+ with some nits addressed.
Nice work, Luke.

Please help open a bug for some minor UX tweak,
 1. Adjust the padding (gray) at the top and bottom of the candidate panel.
 2. Do we need 1.5x graphics for the assets you added in this change?

Attachment #793903 - Flags: review?(rlu) → review+
Blocks: 913390
Blocks: 913397
Hi Rudy,

I've filed two bugs you mentioned as follow:
1. Bug 913390 
2. Bug 913397

Thanks for your review.
Merged to Gaia master,
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
blocking-b2g: koi? → koi+
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